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Our Services

Basic Maintenance

The engine is the heart of your vehicle. To keep your car on the road and performing tip-top, it is essential that you closely follow the maintenance schedule your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends.

Steering & Suspension

Shocks, struts and steering components are often overlooked, yet they’re critical to handling and performance. These components all work in concert to help control your vehicle’s bounce, roll, sway and dive, so you can brake and turn when you need to.

Oil Service

At Rexdale Auto Centre, it isn’t just an oil change, it’s an oil service. With all of our oil services, we’ll install premium oil and a premium filter, and we’ll perform our free True Service Inspection to give you a report card on the condition of your vehicle and its key components.


Is your vehicle having trouble turning over? Does it not start at all? These are two of the more common signs you may need a new battery. If so, bring your vehicle to Rexdale Auto Centre.

Brake System

When you brake, do you hear a grinding or squealing sound? Is your ABS indicator lighting up? If you have any concerns, visit us and one of our certified technicians can thoroughly inspect and service all the parts in your braking system.

Wheel Alignment Services

Is your vehicle pulling to one side? If so, you may need an alignment. Proper and regular alignments are an important part of vehicle maintenance. They help with vehicle handling and help to maximize the life of your tires.

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